Tristan Faith speaks to the Green Wedmore Group about the Food Forest Project. Apologies for the poor video quality. If you would like more information about the Food Forest Project please visit:


"The way to healthy living is to shift from quantiative economic growth to quality of life, food, water and air. To shift from craving to contentment, and from greed to gratitude." Satish Kumar

Who we are
The Food Forest Project was set up by a group of individuals that felt moved by the plight of the natural landscape, and the people linked to that landscape. As an organisation, it seeks to combat issues such as social isolation, habitat depletion, accessibility of locally sourced food and to help to heal intensively farmed agricultural and industrial land.  At the heart of the FFP, is our mission (please see ‘Mission’). We want to help bring communities together by creating community hubs in the shape of food forests, that can not only restore failing landscapes, but also restore a sense of community; to make whole what we all lack in this world of disconnect – relationships. Relationships with ourselves, by giving a sense of purpose and self-respect through working to grow and harvest food, relationships with the communities we live in by bringing people closer together in a safe space developing a common goal, and the relationship we have with our natural world by reinvigorating a sense of respect for the living world around us. 

What we do
The Food Forest Project acquires parcels of intensively used land, and with the help of local communities, we plant food forests! Food forests are layered design systems that feed the earth as well as its inhabitance. They are very low maintenance and completely sustainable working as closed loop system (waste free). From the soil to the habitats in the trees and shrubs, the system works in harmony with the natural world.Once the food forests have weathered their first season, it can be left to grow into a wild area of fruit and nut trees, berry and currant shrubs, fruiting vines and lushes ground herbs, which the whole community can enjoy! These crops won’t just be available for those that can afford the luxury of natural food, but to anybody and everybody.