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Paul Chant is a responsible landowner, orchard farmer and environmentalist concerned with the health of the landscape in which he works. His farm is nestled in the heart of Somerset. Paul practices low impact, sustainable agriculture making decisions based on his footprint rather than profit. With an extensive knowledge of cultivation, Paul specialises in grafting rare fruit trees and has an in depth understanding of plant growth, soil science and the need for sustainability in modern agricultural practices. He works closely with our Agricultural Director, Tobias, as both friend and advocate to ensure the success of every Tree/Shrub we plant.
Paul’s cider is renown, and very tasty indeed.

national forest garden scheme

This video was produced by Andrea Berardi for the launch of the National Forest Gardening Scheme association in the UK, October 2017.

“We are a diverse group of planners, designers, community groups, organisational consultants, educators, systems oriented academics, and of course forest gardeners. We first got together last December 2016 inspired by the potential of these gardens to feed us, bring our communities together, to enhance our well being, and teach us more about how we relate to nature.”

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the world sustainable development Forum (wSDF)

We have been lucky enough to partner with the UK World Sustainable Development Forum. WSDF is a global initiative to promote and mobilize global action for effective implementation of both the Paris agreement on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN General Assembly. The Food Forest Project is actively helping the UK meet it’s SDG’s by planting trees; community engagement; creating habitat for endangered species and in carbon sequester.

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Red Brick Building

The Red Brick Building Centre Ltd is an innovative community-owned social enterprise based in the former Morlands Factory situated between Glastonbury and Street in Somerset.

In the last six years we have raised close to £1 million locally and through grants and have transformed two of the three derelict buildings into a vibrant community space for all ages. This includes affordable hot desk space; workspaces for social enterprises and small businesses; an award-winning restaurant; a local FM radio station; artisan workshops; a holistic health practice; a youth club and a space hosting a variety of events for the local community including regular gigs, the Glastonbury Film Challenge, workshops including yoga and Tai Chi and more.

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Growing Roots


Growing Roots was set up in July 2013 with the aim of promoting physical and emotional health and developing cognitive, numeracy and social skills through horticultural activities.  “We work with children, their families and young people by planning programmes which adapt horticultural activities to an individual’s needs and skills ensuring that that person experiences success which leads to feelings of self-esteem.  We ensure that activities are meaningful and fun. “
Activities are adapted to:

  • different environments: indoor table-top activities,  outdoor container-growing, outdoor allotment-type space;

  • different resources: fast-germinating vegetables and flowers, reliable growing plants, plants that have scents and different textures and tastes to stimulate the senses, adapted tools.

Safe Collective

SAFE Collective is an Holistic Recovery program for challenged adolescents: THE model for the rehabilitation of young addicts and offenders.

SAFE COLLECTIVE evolved to address rising numbers of crime, drug abuse, homelessness and unemployment among young people; and to manifest a vision held by disadvantaged, yet inspired youths who are enthusiastic and willing to be productive and creative; to forge new lives and communities for themselves and return to a state of health and well being; but too often lack the necessary support, guidance, resources and means, to achieve their dreams.

SAFE COLLECTIVE aim to inspire young people to regain a sense of identity and achievement, take responsibility for their own lives and actively contribute to building new, creative, sustainable communities, by providing advice and a diverse variety of activities and creative music and art workshops, for the development of personal, creative and survival skills and a renewed desire to live the best life ever

Shepton Mallet Supper Club

Bringing people together.  
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