The Race We Can Win..

“A Race We Can Win. A Race We Must Win.” BUT, WHAT CAN WE DO!?


On the 10th September, the Secretary General delivered a major address at UN Headquarters. Speaking to a diverse audience on the eve of the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, he outlined the danger, highlighted solutions, and emphasised the need for greater ambition and stronger leadership in addressing what he has called “the defining threat of our time”.

For many of us, however, the UN is an anathema. A high level powerful something that we hear about in the peripheries of global affairs. To consider utterings from the direction of the UN about having 12 years to avert the worst effects of Climate Change that will negatively impact not on millions, but billions of people, is often too much for the lay folk to comprehend. So, what can we do at our level?

Think small, that’s what. Every little thing we do, positive or negative, has a much wider effect down the line.


In the latest edition of Positive News,

Jonathon Lovett discusses the “ripple effect” of small actions. The idea that small actions have much greater effects down the line. What can we do today, right now to help what the Secretary General of the UN addressed the UN with last week – start small. Be kind, be positive, switch to renewable energy, eat one less meat dish a week, recycle a bit more, opt for less plastic waste and spread the word. You are not helpless; you are strong and make up an integral part of the whole. Get behind a movement, be the change! We only have one chance at life, and we only have one planet - a planet that we depend upon for the survival of our species. We are all in this together.

The Food Forest Project will continue to push for a project near you, and help to plant the trees that are required for fresh air, carbon capture and habitat, and produce fresh food for local communities at no cost to people or the earth. Sustainable farming, permaculture and agro-forestry play a huge part in the race against catastrophic Climate Change, we will continue to do our bit.

What will you do?