Bee involved

Please click on the link to take you to our Go Fund Me page where we are currently funding for our Education and Wellbeing Centre for the
Shepton Mallet food forest.

Donation Plan:

Smaller Donations:

£2 Organic seeds to germinate

£5 Shrubs & Vines (berry bushes and beans/fruits)

£8 Wire/Tubes, Stakes & Tacks

£10 Sapling Nut trees

£15 Sapling Fruit Trees

£65 two seat timber bench

£80 a named/personalised two seater bench with a metal plate message

£100 gates, signage and interpretation panels

Large or Regular Donations:

Regular donations of £20 or higher will help us rent land and work with local landowners to produce our (your) food forests.

Large donations will help us to purchase areas of agricultural or industrial wasteland to turn into community food forests. As the Food Forest Project grows, a map will be uploaded to the website of all the food forests, and their locations for people to visit.

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