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Local communities:

Our communities are broken. The way we live our modern lives, with not a moment to stand still and communicate with those people around us has led to a massive proliferation in chronic loneliness and social isolation issues. This is having a huge impact on our mental health, and general wellbeing. Become a member and be part of the change.


The wildlife around us is decreasing at an alarming rate.  Insects have declined by 40% with a third being endangered, and once common animals such as the hedgehog, Natterjack toad and hare are now endangered species, which means our children may never get to see them in the wild. We owe these terrible losses to the intensive way in which we use our natural landscapes. Contemporary agricultural practices have led to habitat loss with the over use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides causing a mass insect loss, which has a further detrimental effect in the breakdown of the food chain. Help is at hand. If we produce our food locally, and in a sustainable, low impact way, we can begin to heal the harm that we have done. Be apart of the movement.  

Climate Change:

Our world is warming at a rate previously unknown to mankind. Temperature increase that would naturally take hundreds of thousands of years has taken only twenty years, and is only speeding up. Major ecosystems such as the Great Barrier Reef, responsible for up to 25% of life in our oceans, is collapsing. The Amazon Basin responsible for one fifth of the fresh water on earth is being decimated to make way for animal feed and palm oil plantations. In 2018, the UN commissioned a report on climate change undertaken by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).  The report concluded that if we don’t curb our carbon emissions within twelve years we will no longer be able to stop climate change and vast swathes of our planet will become uninhabitable. We still have time, be apart of the remedy.

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